This is the archive page for November 2008


Smart Bro broadband internet is hell. Literally. I’m on my seventh day of their non–service and there are no signs that things will get better soon. Wish me luck. I guess it’s the only thing that could help me now.

Luck and the Nokia 2680

Luck strikes, sometimes. It was supposed to be a lazy day, but since I was invited to Nokia’s “Who Do You Think Are?” launch to introduce the 7210 Supernova and the 2680 slide, I had to move my butt quite earlier than usual to get there on time. I felt it was going to be […]

Bratpack Bag Giveaway

Of course you’ve heard of Bratpack the bag shop, right? They carry some of the most popular brands like Jansport, Hedgren, and Timbuk2. This week, they will be opening a new branch in Greenbelt 5 and to coincide with this event, they’ve been running some online promotions. I was fortunate enough to be a part […]

Medical Mission for the Dumagats of Sierra Madre

It’s not everyday we get the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives. When our friends Mar and Mic pitched the idea of conducting a medical mission for the Dumagats of Sierra Madre, we were told it was going to be a lot different than similar activities. The Dumagat people basically thrived in […]

5 minutes with WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

The first time I heard from Matt about WordPress 2.7’s new interface in WordCamp Philippines, I was excited to see some new UI elements and concepts taking a more prominent role in the whole application. After all, blogs and web applications were supposed to be way ahead in adopting new approaches in designs and interfaces. […]