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Five on Friday: I Heart DFAT 2009

DFAT 2009 was a lot more than one would expect in a food appreciation tour that I just have to do a FoF installment for it. So here’s five things that make me say “I heart DFAT 2009”: Xcelerator The longest zipline in Asia, with speeds in the 70 to 120 kph range giving you […]


We had a blast in Davao last weekend and what was supposed to just be the 2009 Davao Food Appreciation Tour was in reality a fun adventure sparkled with a romantic surprise (here’s my raw footage) and a lot more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself to write about it, or anything at all — at […]

Thirty Years Ago

It was thirty years ago when the world’s greatest mother endured 28 hours of labor before finally going through C–section. After some time certainly not as long as the waiting before that, I caught my first breath of life. Thirty years after, I can’t be any more grateful for everything. Everything. This day ranks as […]

The Team

You might find it amusing that I’m writing about my team of photographic tools that I use. You’d think differently though if I’d tell you this is just the first time they’ve been together, all four of them. The 400D without–a–name that I sometimes jokingly call “Unlucky” is now back after four and a half […]