Five on Friday: Dear Noynoy

You are exactly where your father should’ve been three decades ago — and you should always remember that. In the past few weeks, I’m sure all forms of political ass–kissing has come your way. Some may expect that you owe them a favor for supporting your spectacular rise to the presidency, but please be reminded that ultimately, you are accountable only to the Filipino people.

I’ve been irregularly writing a series called “Five on Friday” where I list down five things relevant to any story I find noteworthy, and this I’ve done for quite some time now. Today I’ll write about five pressing concerns that I think will make or break your presidency, so please consider them if possible.

  1. Corruption is something we all desperately need a break from. It is responsible for almost all of the country’s problems, since it exists in all levels of governance. If the problem seeks it, we should criminalize corruption and put behind bars for a long time those found stealing from the people’s coffers.
  2. Beyond corruption, there must be justice. No, our laws are mostly fine, but we must find a way to make our legal system work. We need to salvage it from the grasps of the rich and filthy, and make it beneficial to every Filipino. As cliche as it sounds, we must keep into mind that justice delayed is just as bad as justice denied.
  3. When corruption is eradicated and justice is enforced, we sow the seeds of a true free market. It is through allowing healthy competition among innovators and businesses that we empower the Filipino to reach for their dreams. Let’s create a Philippines that’s full of opportunities — maybe one day we’ll wake up seeing less Filipinos leaving the country and choosing to put their talents here in their motherland.
  4. When you accepted the public clamor for a president that brings change, you also promised a six–year term of morally–sound governance. Please, it need not (and should not) be as morally sound as the religious would define it, but simply one that respects all of humanity. Governance that simply wants to serve the Filipino would do.
  5. Lastly, to sustain whatever we gain in the coming years and to raise the country’s next leaders, we must put an emphasis on education. Let’s put a stop to the miserable wages we give our public school teachers. Let’s build better schools and a better educational system that puts the students and teachers at the center of everything, not government officials that play around with budgets and resources to the detriment of those who actually need them.

I do not claim to have thought of these five things as most important; many of them have been explained by friends who passionately care about the country. I just happen to be just like them — I love the Philippines that I just couldn’t let you fail.

We just all know that the Filipino is worth dying for.

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  1. The essayist in you is showing, Markku. This is a real, heartfelt piece. I hope it sees print in this form, or slightly longer. 🙂

    Many thanks for the pleasure of reading this succinct and lucidly spoken piece.

  2. well said . .. i pray that Prsident Noy will stick to his campaign promise . . . corruption is the primary evil that has eroded our nation, not just the national coffers, but more importantly corruption has erroded the filipino spirit . . i voted and campaigned for Noy because i believe he can set the example for all of us to believe again in the capacity of the Filipino to be the best that he really is . . . i pray that Noy will be the beacon of light for all so that we maybe guided on the right path . . . for country and God . . .

    this is our last chance . . . let’s make sure we do not squander this opportunity . .. Bayan higit sa sarili . .. truly the Filipino is worth dying for . . .

    • I guess corruption really is the #1 priority for many of us. Let’s pray he isn’t eaten alive by the prevailing corruption–dependent system.

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