Exactly two months from now, I will be losing control of the domain Come September 29, it will expire into oblivion and likely morph into a world of spammy landing pages, as what typically happens to aged, linked, and moderately authoritative domains.

Unless miracles do happen.

My whois record tells me that I’ve owned since 2003, but I’ve registered (and lost) the domain once before that. But in 2003, I used what was then a promising local company that handles domain registrations: Cheaper Than Cheap Domains. They were a valid reseller, and back then they were the only option I knew that accepted payments through bank deposits. It was pleasantly convenient for people with no credit cards, like me.

Everything was smooth sailing until the horror that surprised me more than a month ago. The company has basically gone AWOL, with their contact numbers not working along with their email support. I was planning to transfer the domain to another registrar, but their administration tool doesn’t work. Desperate, I also tried renewing through their credit card payment facility, but it doesn’t work too.

Just today, the domain, their other URI for their business, has expired. The other domain,, still works. But it’s now impossible to even login to their administation tool since it uses the longer domain name. Obviously, this tells me they’ve fucked up. Big time.

And now I honestly don’t know what to do. Help. Please.

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  1. Are they resellers of DotPH? If so, you may be able to sort this out directly with DotPH. At least, they’re just based in Ortigas Center.

    • Hi Willie. Yes they are a DotPH reseller but unfortunately, this is a .com domain. But I plan to contact DotPH soon to at least ask about the whereabouts of people involved with this company.

    • Uy thanks jepoy! I’ve tried their contact form but got no reply. Hopefully this is the better way of getting in touch with them.

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