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Thank You Day Philippines

October 20 will be our first National Thank You Day, a special celebration designed to promote a gesture now often taken for granted, expressing gratitude by saying “thank you.” A recent Reader’s Digest article lists Manila as one of the ten fifteen least courteous cities in the world, a crying shame. Still, I have reason […]

Tonight at Rocked Radio

Tonight, you will be hearing some of your fellow bloggers talk on the “me” phenomenon, what Pepe Diokno describes as the most self–centered generation. That’s Rocked Radio at 8PM, over at NU107. I will be joining Jayvee, Joey, Juned, Lauren, and other bloggers for another round of interesting Sunday night discussions, like we had before. […]

Ang Buhay ni Boy

Do we really need to bring back Philippine radio drama? “Ang Buhay ni Boy” is our first try at this. No, I wasn’t part of the voice cast — I was just on the sides attacking the pizza that Jayvee paid for. Of course you’ve probably heard about this from these other blogs. Enjoy! And […]

Photos: Switchfoot Live in Manila

We were told we couldn’t shoot inside the stadium, so I left my 400D at home. But just in case, I sneaked in an Ixus for some snapshots. Surprise, surprise — people were shooting with their digital cameras and phonecams, and some even managed to bring in their digital SLRs. Anyway, here are some of […]

On Cris Mendez, Mark Verzo, and Malu Fernandez…

… because sometimes we have to be part of the echo chamber. Or something like that. (Yeah I know, I keep citing that resource I’m beginning to sound like my own echo chamber.) On Cris Mendez’s death, may those responsible have eternal sleepless nights. Just as how Ederic would put it, no matter how we […]

Feels Great to be Pinoy

Rico tagged me exactly a month ago and I made sure I waited long enough before writing my share, in the great tradition of this weblog. I can’t just break my history of writing stale entries, I need to respect my readers’ expectations on how my content is delivered — sweet, crammed, and very late. […]

Only in the Philippines!

Got this postcard from Juned when we were at his house last Saturday, a somewhat disturbing gag/parody photo of what the Philippines really was, about a hundred years ago. Shouldn’t we be thankful for the independence and liberty that we have today? Sadly, the practice of moving holidays to lengthen weekends and promote domestic spending […]

In the fields

From the same set of photos from our high school batch’s medical mission: This weekend, April 21 & 22, Pisay ’96 will be at the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan for an Earth Day coastal cleanup. We are looking for volunteers who can lend a hand and somehow make a difference for the environment. Needless to […]

Pisay ’96 Medical Mission

Similar to the Streetkids Christmas Party we had last December, our high school batch had a medical mission at Lubao, Pampanga last February. I’m not gonna explain nor justify our efforts, instead I’m gonna plead for support and progressive ideas as we take bolder steps to making a difference. Of course I took photos (mirror […]

Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party

Two Sundays ago, our high school batch had a little Christmas party for street children. We invited small groups near Diliman and brought them to the UP Lagoon for their celebration. Though it rained briefly, it didn’t stop us from pushing through. We moved to the Quezon Hall and it was more than enough for […]