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Ipanema: Walk the Green Mile

As Ipanema launches its new Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection, they’re out to make a difference by helping the Haribon Foundation’s “Walk the Green Mile” walkathon, a project to raise awareness for the protection of our local rainforests. As everyone started shooting photos during the event, I tried to be cool by recording the highlight dance […]

Throwing my weight around…

Or something like that. Just sharing a link to one of my other blogs, pointing to the results for the PRC Nursing Board Exam of November 2008, because I’ve got two cousins proudly making the list: 34141 SEGUERRA, JON FRANCIS ORMILLADA 34142 SEGUERRA, JOSE MARI SEJISMUNDO Congratulations boys! With my brother Hannu graduating yesterday, I […]

Feeling Sikat

Pardon the narcissistic self–promotion, but if you pass by a magazine stand please do buy Manual Magazine‘s December 2008 issue, dubbed “the Blog Issue.” I’m there with Coy, Regnard, and Mike. Well if we’re going to be technical about it, it’s more like one–third of me is there, since my photo’s artistically cropped leaving just […]

5 minutes with WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

The first time I heard from Matt about WordPress 2.7’s new interface in WordCamp Philippines, I was excited to see some new UI elements and concepts taking a more prominent role in the whole application. After all, blogs and web applications were supposed to be way ahead in adopting new approaches in designs and interfaces. […]

WordCamp: Developing WordPress Plugins

(Embedded slideshow below) [embeddoc url=”” viewer=”microsoft”] I did tell you I was slated to speak at WordCamp Philippines last week, right? I’m not so sure if I managed to expound on my topic acceptably, but hopefully I gave fellow WordPress users an idea on how to approach the task of coding your own WordPress plugin. […]

500 on Friday

This is my 500th entry on this blog, a milestone of sorts despite taking seven years to get there. As you have known by now, and I’m sure you know because you’ve been here before and I hardly get new readers these days, this weblog lives on the magic of non–existent updates. The patience to […]

A Practice in Creativity

Once in a while, we desperately need to practice our brain’s creative side just to make sure it works as expected when needed. Not many of us are actually blessed with a day job that pushes the limits of our creative bounds, which is probably why most of us turn to photography and/or writing for […]