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Photos: Azkals vs L.A. Galaxy

I wouldn’t have imagined that the Philippine Azkals would get the chance to play a friendly with a prestigious international club like the L.A. Galaxy this soon in their steady rise to success—and neither would I have thought I’ll be shooting their match as they put up a good fight against a team led by […]

11.23.09: Never Forget

I’ve yet to mention on this blog (because I don’t blog!) that I’ve been working for the PCIJ for several months now, handling web–related matters and other tech–related things. It took me time to finally join one of our beyond–the–office activities, and this was it—the second year anniversary of the Maguindanao Massacre. It was also […]

Five on Friday: AJ in Photos

You’ve touched lives far beyond what you’ve imagined. The local blogosphere would never be the same without you. So long old friend, you will be missed. Rest in peace—bask in God’s presence and glory.

Shooting Azkals vs Kuwait

Azkals versus Kuwait World Cup Qualifier—it was an opportunity we couldn’t miss. Despite the stringent accreditation process, we found ourselves right there on the field right beside storied sports photographers, many of them the best in the country. We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy night, with the rain falling every few minutes, […]


A bunch of photos I just discovered in my hard drive archives, shot last year during a long afternoon wait in a clinic. Unfocused with intent. Almost like my life.

The Remedy

I was looking for something to write about, or even just a photo to get the literary muse kicking, then BANG! All I could find was a photo of a sunset. Another sunset—when all I seek is the warmth of sunrise. Ironic. … I say the tragedy is how you’re gonna spend the rest of […]

Sugarfree: Huling Gabi

Rarely do you come across a band that seems to sing from your own heart. Sugarfree was definitely one of those. When Ebe announced he’d be leaving the band just not too long ago, many hearts were shattered. It felt like one of their most common songwriting theme—a romantic tragedy. The news of Ebe’s impending […]