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On the first of October…

I remember looking at you through the nursery window, overjoyed yet afraid of the overwhelming task of raising another boy in this ever-crazy world. I wondered how I’d want you to be both similar and different to your Kuya Mikku—and you gladly turned out that way.


Idol Tado, di ka namin lubos na nakilala, pero nakapagkwentuhan din tayo konti sa mga RockEd events noon. Bisdak man pud diay ka! =)

Paalam, Kaibigan

Coy, kamusta? Matagal na din tayong di nagkita at nakapagkwentuhan, kaya gulat na gulat kami sa balita. Napa-blog tuloy ako. Bigla tuloy ako napasilip sa computer ko. Di ko sobrang napansin dati, pero isa ka pala sa mga “automatic models” namin mula noon pa. Sa dami ng mga pictures na naka-tambak sa hard drive ko, […]

A Practice in Creativity

Once in a while, we desperately need to practice our brain’s creative side just to make sure it works as expected when needed. Not many of us are actually blessed with a day job that pushes the limits of our creative bounds, which is probably why most of us turn to photography and/or writing for […]

Hot, hot summer

This is the first photo I took that got published in a magazine, used as a whole page background for an article I wrote for the May–June issue of Mobile Philippines, the one with Priscilla Meirelles on the cover. There are more photos I took in this issue, which also happens to contain Sasha’s first […]


I never had the chance to write about this, so this is weeks late. But anyway, I just wanna share that I’m now published! I’ve written a few articles for Mobile Philippines the past two issues so if you have the chance, grab yourself a copy. On a related note, I was also listed in […]

Two days ago…

Two days ago, this weblog was four years old. I thank you and the rest of my [4 years x 365 days/year x 7 readers/day = 10220 readers] for being here, even if just for a short while. It’s still as fun as it was before, and surely will continue to be. Of course I’m […]

Writing, writing, writing

Reading Zeldman’s latest entry “Hi, Mom!”, I recall the not too recent times when I was just trying to learn basic web design, when I would religiously go to everyday to learn on the technical and philosophical aspects of the practice. Jeffrey Zeldman was like a god, and everyone eagerly looked forward to his […]

Inline Links Dilemma

Dougal’s recent decision to turn off automatic link posting has got me thinking: do readers really read the links I post? My recent links plugin used to be just a link sharing module displayed on my homepage, but recent developments has turned it into something very much similar to Kottke’s remaindered links, which in by […]