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By the mountains…

I’ve been neglecting this blog quite blatantly that it’s been two weeks since my last entry, so I’ll just post something that supposedly comes to me naturally — share photos. The mountain view was breathtaking, Batanes was more than I imagined it to be. The photo has two of our friends from Epson, taking a […]


For the past two entries I’ve been hinting on a life–changing experience concerning our recent trip to Batanes. I wanted a creative narrative of the events; unfortunately there might be no way to completely re–tell our story. K-THOS (Karl, The Hero of Sabtang) though has a real and heartfelt account of what transpired. And who […]

Five on Friday: Batanes Photos

Before I talk about the drama I’ve been selling in my previous entry, here’s five photos I submitted as my photo essay for our photo contest in Batanes. I didn’t win, but fortunately, my pangga Hana did! 🙂 She got one of three special prizes, the other two going to Mimi and Ferdz. AJ got […]

Batanes @ Boracay

Sponsored by Asian Spirit, we were Batanes–bound last Wednesday walking around inside the domestic airport as early as five in the morning. It was the perfect proposition — go to Batanes for a press screening of the movie “Batanes” by Adolf Alix. The weather wouldn’t join the fun though, visibility for our Basco–bound flight was […]