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Healthy Shabu Shabu

Yes there’s a healthy way of doing hot pot dining, and Healthy Shabu Shabu is the place for you to try it. When I got the SMS invite for the opportunity to try it, I was apprehensive, worried that this might just be one of the few types of food and dining that I may […]

Lifehouse in Manila

The first time we knew about Lifehouse’s concert here in Manila, Hana was instantly disappointed as it’s on the same date as my mother’s birthday. She wanted to watch it so badly that she even blogged about it. (It’s a rarity for both of us these days.) When Aileen’s sweetie messaged me if we wanted […]

A Practice in Creativity

Once in a while, we desperately need to practice our brain’s creative side just to make sure it works as expected when needed. Not many of us are actually blessed with a day job that pushes the limits of our creative bounds, which is probably why most of us turn to photography and/or writing for […]

iBlog4 Class Picture

Barely making it to iBlog4, I came in just enough to catch the group pictorials as the conference concluded. I had my camera with my ultra–wide mounted so I volunteered to take the class picture. These aren’t exactly spectacular group pics, but we’ll do better next year. 😉 You can have them in hi–res: Photo […]

iBlog4 Portraits

I barely made it to iBlog4, I got in just enough to consider myself an attendee, which makes me one of not too many bloggers who’ve been in all the iBlog summits. It is nice to know we Filipino bloggers have come this far. At the afterparty, I took some portraits of fellow bloggers I […]

The BlogBank Launch

Having my own company has always been a dream; I’ve always wanted my own startup. When Jayvee broached the idea of setting up an advertising network focused on local weblogs and advertisers, I knew it was going to be the perfect opportunity for me to hack away on web solutions I actually will use. The […]

Coffee with a twist

More often than not, a typical weekend gimik involves a few (or several) rounds of beer or some other alcoholic treat, followed by very late night, actually early morning coffee, just before heading home. Now you can have both, at the same time. Delifrance brings us coffee that packs a punch, a first for local […]

A Smile of Hope

The Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party is a project of our high school batch, just like the medical missions and other things we’ve done the past year or so. We understand that the long–term merits of a simple party may be questionable, but to put a smile of hope in these kids’ faces is more […]

Google TechTalk Photos

Last Monday’s Google TechTalk at the AIM in Makati was widely received with developers from various local companies in attendance. Though most were certainly clamoring for deeper technical discussions on the various technologies tackled, it would be best to see this as a sampler of things to come, especially now that it’s known that our […]