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Five on Friday: Christmas Playlists

You know Christmas is almost here when you can hardly rise in the morning with the sleep–inducing cold weather, like yesterday. Combined the with rain, it feels like everyone is excused to take a short nap every few hours. Or minutes. Not that I’m exactly required to stay awake all day, unlike most corporate zombies, […]

Five on Friday: 5AM, on Friday

I’ve been meaning to resurrect my Five on Friday entries since I stopped publishing a few months ago. But as I struggle to keep up with my newfound busy sked, unexpected things happen. I realized, I couldn’t keep on waiting for the “right time” — there isn’t. At least for a lot of things. So […]

Five on Friday: Why take the freelancing plunge?

I’ve been pondering on dumping my day job to be a full–time freelancer on anything under the sun. Seriously, problogging while taking web development and design plus the occasional photography project should be enough to get me by, while enjoying the other wonderful things in life. I’ve come to a point where I think I […]

Five on Friday: Photography quotes

Yeah, I know it’s now Monday. As you may already know, taking photos is one of my passions, one I’d do without any financial or material gains. Photography is a convenient artistic escape; at its purest, you need only please yourself. You need not conform to irrational “artistic rules” or subcultures imposed by society, your […]

Five on Friday: Rivermaya Pinoy Rock Anthems

It seems Rico Blanco has indeed left Rivermaya and will be on his own from now on, so here’s a list of five rock anthems we’ll always sing as we remember Rivermaya, Ang Banda ng Bayan. Awit Ng Kabataan Hindi niyo kami mabibilang, at hindi rin maikakahon Marami kami ngunit iisa lamang ang aming pasyon. […]

Five on Friday: A gentleman should…

In today’s ever so changing times, men should still: Open the door for a lady. I guess this is one of the rather important acts of chivalry, and should never be taken for granted. When with a lady friend, or when entering a door alongside another person, especially a lady, open the door for both […]

Five on Friday: What I hate about the iPod

Everyone loves Apple’s iPod, or at least pretends not to hate it. I’ve got one, though there are things I just wish it wasn’t. It takes a lot to shuffle. Go pick a playlist, an artist, or an album. Then suddenly decide that you want to shuffle the tracks instead of listening to them sequentially. […]

Five on Friday: Why vote?

Come Monday, we take another step towards another chapter in Philippine history. Though many would believe that the coming elections would not result in significant change, there is something you can do. What you choose to do determines your fate. So why vote? You don’t want celebrities for a leader. Or you simply don’t want […]

Five on Friday: In My Pocket

This edition of Five on Friday is ridiculously late it isn’t even within the week it’s supposed to be in! But pardon me, I had too much fun playing with Marc’s Xbox 360 paired with Abe’s 32–inch LCD I totally lost track of time, getting home just minutes before Saturday’s sunrise. Well, the boys were […]