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More iPAP

Yuga likes iPAP, he told me at iBlog. Wait for the MySQL–ported version, it should be snappier and the upcoming features will surely be interesting.


I will be working on a long overdue personal project for tonight, maybe until tomorrow. I hope I get most of it done, so we can all enjoy its goodness. 😉

iPAP 0.71

After months of inactivity, I just decided to update iPAP a teeny–weeny bit. Seriously, I just revised the readme.html file and changed the default $cache_life value to a 5–day equivalent. After playing with my experimental 0.8 version, the flatfile database system just doesn’t cut it anymore especially if you have hundreds of photos spanning several […]

iPAP development

I just added a new feature to my photo album publishing app, iPAP: Labels. Sort of like the way gmail uses labels, but was really inspired by Photoshop Album’s “tagging” technology. Nothing fancy really, just a simple way of categorizing your photo albums. Categorization—probably one of humanity’s most difficult tasks to complete. Try doing that […]

iPAP 0.7

The first public release of iPAP: Photo Album Publisher (formerly known as SPAM: Simple Photo Album Manager) is now ready for download. The zip contains a somewhat detailed documentation, and everything you need to know (for now) is there. The project page will be ready after several hours of sleep. 🙂 Consider this version a […]


I’ve just received several emails from people interested in the PHP app I’ve been using to publish this site’s photos section, which you can also see used in other places. I am currently busy designing a WP layout for a signifact writer and WP user; but hopefully, I could prepare a simple documentation to accompany […]