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Mini-Review: Lucky Number Slevin

Bruce Willis is still a seller. Paired with Josh Hartnett in this twist–filled crime movie, they are an exciting pair caught between rival crime groups trying to get the best of each other. Compared to other recent action movies, this one is entertaining enough for a weekend viewing. For most of the movie, you will […]

Mini-Review: V for Vendetta

This is an entertaining movie, especially if you’re part of the “Matrix generation.” The Wachowski Brothers prove that there is life after the Matrix trilogy, especially after “Matrix Revolutions,” which I consider one of the most disappointing films of the decade. V for Vendetta will entertain you, and it makes me smile the way I […]

Mini-Review: Syriana

Having caught Syriana just last Tuesday, I only have one word to describe the film: boring. I expected more from a George Clooney starrer, knowing Steven Soderbergh co–produced the movie; it hardly kept me awake. The story that tackles the United States’s control of the worldwide oil market through various channels is interesting though fails […]

Don’t Give Up On Us

It’s not really as bad as you would think. Last weekend, I finally got to see the Piolo Pascual — Judy Anne Santos starrer “Don’t Give Up On Us,” one of the better Filipino films to greet the new year. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie the first time I saw the trailer […]

Blue Moon

I just watched Regal Film’s Blue Moon last Thursday night, an entry in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Anne wanted to see it so badly; I on the other hand was thinking I’d rather see Exodus if I was to watch a movie in this year’s fest. To my surprise, the movie was above […]


A possible explanation why The Matrix Revolutions turned out to be the biggest disappointment in recent memory. But throw away your worries, the good guys will save the day.

There is no revolution

Or something to that effect. My band was supposed to have a jam for a gig tonight but had to wait for our bassist, so we decided to catch the very first screening of The Matrix Revolutions. We barely made it to the 10pm screening, and we had to sit by the aisle/stairs because all […]