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Five on Friday: Christmas Playlists

You know Christmas is almost here when you can hardly rise in the morning with the sleep–inducing cold weather, like yesterday. Combined the with rain, it feels like everyone is excused to take a short nap every few hours. Or minutes. Not that I’m exactly required to stay awake all day, unlike most corporate zombies, […]

Photos: Switchfoot Live in Manila

We were told we couldn’t shoot inside the stadium, so I left my 400D at home. But just in case, I sneaked in an Ixus for some snapshots. Surprise, surprise — people were shooting with their digital cameras and phonecams, and some even managed to bring in their digital SLRs. Anyway, here are some of […]

Five on Friday: Rivermaya Pinoy Rock Anthems

It seems Rico Blanco has indeed left Rivermaya and will be on his own from now on, so here’s a list of five rock anthems we’ll always sing as we remember Rivermaya, Ang Banda ng Bayan. Awit Ng Kabataan Hindi niyo kami mabibilang, at hindi rin maikakahon Marami kami ngunit iisa lamang ang aming pasyon. […]

Rico Blanco leaves Rivermaya

It’s now confirmed, Rico Blanco has left Rivermaya. The news has been buzzing for a few weeks now, though never confirmed until just recently. According to The Dawn’s JB Leonor in an email to their official mailing list: We had a gig in Metrowalk last Friday and Rivermaya was there – they played before us. […]

Five on Friday: Songs To Cry To…

I’ve been putting too much thinking into my blogging that I end up hardly writing at all, so now I’m starting a personal meme I’m calling “Five on Friday.” Every Friday, I will write a list of five things on a topic I find worthwhile. If this turns out well, it’ll guarantee at least four […]

how do i

how can i tell you the truth when you’re not even trying to listen how can i say what i want when you don’t even want to consider how can i tell you what’s true when you don’t want to hear what i’m saying how do i tell you it’s you when you’re not even […]

SMB Oktoberfest 2006

I was fortunate enough to shoot the SMB Oktoberfest opening at the SM Megamall last Wednesday and got around a thousand photos, though I haven’t browsed it thoroughly for keepers. It rained midway through the evening but that didn’t dampen the rockfest that went on until around 3 AM. Pardon the crappy non–inspired writing, I […]

The depression sessions

I just realized I’ve been posting mp3 music to this weblog for some time now, probably entirely from my band’s various jam sessions. Though I prefer to share a set of songs all from the same session, this time I have a few from a span of a few days. In these four songs, it’s […]

Sunday music

Jonas was here last night just hangin’ out, so we recorded a cover. This is Fra Lippo Lippi’s “Light And Shade,” obviously inspired by their recent promotional events for the Araneta concert on the 13th of this month. Hannu desperately wants to catch this, can anyone help us score tickets? 😉


I just posted my review of Ultraelectromagneticjam, a tribute album for the Eraserheads with their songs performed by today’s popular local acts. The project was kickstarted by Jam 88.3, though I feel the idea was born after Brownman Revival’s cover of the song Maling Akala, which has always been my favorite E-heads song. Most tracks […]