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A bunch of photos I just discovered in my hard drive archives, shot last year during a long afternoon wait in a clinic. Unfocused with intent. Almost like my life.

A Dog and A Broken Lens

The few times you’d see Barbie here on my blog, it’s usually when I’ve got something new, like when I got LX3 Lex. Today’s no exception, though it’s not officially new but simply back from the broken gadget bin. Introducing, the Lensdaddy: The Lensdaddy used to be a lowly Canon 50mm f/1.8 with no name, […]

Five on Friday: 5 Photosets

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Five on Friday post, and maybe even longer is the last time I’ve posted a set of photos. And today’s a Friday. Obviously, it’s the perfect day to write a 5oF post with five sets of photos! Let’s have a healthy mix of photos I should’ve already […]

Work + (−Inspiration)

When work consumes you and inspiration escapes you, what do you do? I post photos. Just blogging with imagery, or what–not. This time just blurred imagery, or blurred what–not. Just doing what comes easy at the moment, like how blogging should be. And maybe just doing how I’ve always written on this blog?


I haven’t blogged regularly for so long that I couldn’t find my rhythm, so I’ll do what I’ve always thought was the easier thing: post a photo.