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WordPress Support and the WordPress Economy

WordPress users have surely heard the news regarding the recently launched Automattic Support Network. Many were quick to analyze the move, some insinuating lesser quality support for the rest of the WordPress community. But I refuse to agree. Just as Donncha sees it, this can only be a win–win solution for everyone. It legitimizes the […]

Comments are back

Joachim emailed me that he couldn’t leave a comment on my site for some unexplained reason. Form submission ends with a white blank page. So I took a look at my comments template and there it was, a stupid coding oversight left when I upgraded my site and templates to WordPress 2. Comments should be […]

WordPress 1.5.2

There has been much talk on the latest version of WordPress, because someone reported that the WP developers modified the package to reflect a last minute fix on a security vulnerability. The current defense the developers are presenting is that the package was revised before any announcement of its availability was made. That’s a straight […]


WordPress’s Pages in version 1.5 is a godsend feature. It rocks! I just wish the mod_rewrite rules it wrote were simpler. Go on, test this site. The upgrading ain’t done yet, we’re just beginning!