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Five on Friday: 5 Photosets

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Five on Friday post, and maybe even longer is the last time I’ve posted a set of photos. And today’s a Friday. Obviously, it’s the perfect day to write a 5oF post with five sets of photos! Let’s have a healthy mix of photos I should’ve already […]

Work + (−Inspiration)

When work consumes you and inspiration escapes you, what do you do? I post photos. Just blogging with imagery, or what–not. This time just blurred imagery, or blurred what–not. Just doing what comes easy at the moment, like how blogging should be. And maybe just doing how I’ve always written on this blog?


This is interruption is brought to you by Poladroid. For more digital polaroid craziness, rawimage’s polaroid generator also works well for those who love to use Photoshop. I guess this will be good enough if we fail to save polaroid. Now I’m off to go back to work.