I’m Markku Seguerra and this is rebelpixel.com, my weblog. When I do get the chance to write regularly, I often talk about photography and my personal advocacies. Once in a while, I try to write about design and pop culture, or just about anything I find interesting.

I am a twenty–something Filipino living somewhere in Manila. Though I am an engineer by education, I make a living taking photos and writing code and content for the world wide web. I am one of the founders of the BlogBank, the first true blog advertising company in the Philippines. Occasionally, you can find my name in local magazines and newspapers as a contributing writer and photographer. Being one of the first WordPress users in the Philippines, I’ve written a handful of plugins and articles on the topic, and I’ve spoken on it back in WordCamp Philippines.

You can always reach me through several channels but I can be hard to find at times, at which point it would be best to look for me through my girlfriend Hana.

There used to be a lengthy page about me and this site right here but I’d rather keep it short and sweet for you. Besides, you can always rummage through the archives for more.