Strip! is a WordPress plugin that allows you hide links from a given comment. Unlike other plugins that do the same purpose, you can restore the links anytime you want.

I developed Strip! because of an interesting trend in the behavior of my commenters: some would respond to my share their thoughts on a given post, but unfortunately link to some off-topic pages at the bottom of their comment. Typically, I can just mark the comment as spam or disapprove it, or just delete it. But there are times when the on–topic part of their comment is admittedly necessary and helpful to the discussion — this is where I use my Strip! plugin.

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BukoPie is a feed reader based on SimplePie and hacked into a WordPress plugin. The feed content presentation is heavily based on the demo provided with the default SimplePie package with the addition of functionality allowing users to subscribe to feeds and categorize them through tagging. This has been in use internally in my various WordPress weblogs for several weeks now, though technically it is still in beta and will continue to be a work in progress. Nevertheless, you might want to try it.

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iPAP: Photo Album Publisher

iPAP is the PHP–based application used for publishing this site’s photos section. Recently, it has made appearances at other sites, fulfilling the simple task it was made for — publish photo albums on the web.

The first public release was made a year ago, and updated six months later.

Important note: Since this a beta/preview release only, a lot of things may change as the development moves forward. No guarantees are made regarding support or compatibility, though I will try to do what I can concerning these matters.

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Comment Hilite

rp–comment–hilite is a WordPress plugin that allows you to highlight the significant and noteworthy comments posted on your WP blog. This utilizes custom fields for denoting which comments are to be highlighted.

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SmartyPants On Demand

SmartyPants is a web publishing utility that translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into “smart” typographic punctuation HTML entities. This plugin allows you to conditionally enable SmartyPants for a single post/entry, affecting the the_title, the_content, and the the_excerpt fields by simply adding a custom field named smartypants-on-demand with a value of 1. Replace 1 with a 0 or simply delete the custom field to use WP’s wptexturize() instead.

This is a modification of Michel Fortin’s PHP SmartyPants, based on the original Perl version by John Gruber.
Based on version 1.5.1b of PHP SmartyPants.

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PHP Auto–Completion Library for EditPlus

This is a specialized auto–completion library for the text editor EditPlus, which I regularly use. This features a special inline help mode to get specific function() argument information. Allows for faster coding, without the need to lookup the PHP help files for the various functions you use.

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tapsiLOG is the weblog publishing application formerly used on this site, before the switch to WordPress. PHP–based and using file–based storage, it featured its own templating system, comments and trackback posting/pinging.

Unfortunately, time constraints has forced me to move to the more mature and feature–rich WordPress, now a major force in the weblog publishing arena.