Strip! is a WordPress plugin that allows you hide links from a given comment. Unlike other plugins that do the same purpose, you can restore the links anytime you want.

I developed Strip! because of an interesting trend in the behavior of my commenters: some would respond to my share their thoughts on a given post, but unfortunately link to some off-topic pages at the bottom of their comment. Typically, I can just mark the comment as spam or disapprove it, or just delete it. But there are times when the on–topic part of their comment is admittedly necessary and helpful to the discussion — this is where I use my Strip! plugin.



  • WordPress 2.7 (or higher)

The plugin version has been tested on WordPress 2.6 but may still work with older versions, but of course it works best with the latest version.


Version 0.2 (May 21, 2009)
Strip/unstrip as you read your post; no need to be in the Comments view of the admin interface. (In fact, you can no longer use it there if you’re running 2.7+.)
Version 0.1 (September 12, 2008)
Initial version, as presented in WordCamp Philippines 2008.


  1. Drop strip-comment.php in your wp-content/plugins/ and activate.
  2. In your WordPress admin interface, go to “Comments” and use the “Strip!” links as needed.


Questions and suggestions regarding this plugin may be posted on this site, just as you can email me at markku at rebelpixel dot com. However, because of the volume of email I get everyday, I cannot guarantee a reply, or an immediate one if ever I decide to.

The author may also install or customize the plugin for you, or any WordPress–related issues in general, as a paid service. Just email the author at the same address above for more information.


CC-GNU GPL Copying, modification and redistribution is allowed under the terms of the GPL, better explained by the CC–GPL (Creative Commons Deed). If you found this plugin useful, don’t hesitate to link to my site and the projects’s page.