PHP Auto–Completion Library for EditPlus

This is a specialized auto–completion library for the text editor EditPlus, which I regularly use. This features a special inline help mode to get specific function() argument information. Allows for faster coding, without the need to lookup the PHP help files for the various functions you use.

The functions on this library are based on PHP 4.3, a new version for PHP 5 should be available soon, probably soon after PHP 5 goes final.



After you have installed this auto–completion library, and enabled it in the EditPlus Preferences (Tools->Preferences), typing a function name expands it to several possibilities, depending on the suffix you use. For example, let us use the function str_replace():

Typing str_replace followed by a space:
The text str_replace is replaced with:


Extended Help (Suffix = 1)
Typing str_replace1 followed by a space:
The text str_replace1 is replaced with:

str_replace(mixed search, mixed replace, mixed subject, [int &count]) /* Replace all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string (returns mixed) */

Simple Help (Suffix = 2)
Typing str_replace2 followed by a space:
The text str_replace2 is replaced with:

str_replace(mixed search, mixed replace, mixed subject, [int &count])

Language constructs like if(), for(), while(), etc. are also expanded to include the required curly braces, in the { ... } format.


To start using this tool, just do the following:

  1. Uncompress the zip file, and drop the acp file (the one with the acp extension, there is only one) into your EditPlus directory, commonly at C:\Program Files\EditPlus 2
  2. Open EditPlus, go to Tools->Preferences, then Files->Settings & Syntax, and choose PHP from the list of File types. For the field named Auto completion, set it to C:\Program Files\EditPlus 2\php.acp, or the file you uncompressed in the previous step, if you used a different filename for it. Make sure the Disable auto completion field is not checked.
  3. Press OK and you’re good to go! Go code in PHP, because as you’ve heard again and again, PHP rocks!


This is loosely based on the PHP Manual, the original PHP auto-completion file for EditPlus as well as the PHP.DEF file used in PSPad — a good, GPL–ed text editor.


CC-GNU GPL Copying, modification and redistribution is allowed under the terms of the LGPL, better explained by the CC–LGPL (Creative Commons Deed).