BukoPie is a feed reader based on SimplePie and hacked into a WordPress plugin. The feed content presentation is heavily based on the demo provided with the default SimplePie package with the addition of functionality allowing users to subscribe to feeds and categorize them through tagging. This has been in use internally in my various WordPress weblogs for several weeks now, though technically it is still in beta and will continue to be a work in progress. Nevertheless, you might want to try it.

Installation is simple, just drop the bukopie folder in your plugins directory and activate the plugin.



Questions and suggestions regarding this plugin may be posted on this site, just as you can email me at markku at rebelpixel dot com. However, because of the volume of email I get everyday, I cannot guarantee a reply, or an immediate one if ever I decide to.

The author may also install or customize the plugin for you, or any WordPress–related issues in general, as a paid service. Just email the author at the same address above for more information.


CC-GNU GPL Copying, modification and redistribution is allowed under the terms of the GPL, better explained by the CC–GPL (Creative Commons Deed). If you found this hack/plugin useful, don’t hesitate to link to my site and the projects’s page.