This is the archive page for February 2004 turns three

This week, marks its third year as the the Philippines’ largest news site. The service now boasts 30 million page views per month, attributed greatly to their in–depth coverage on local politics and the entertainment business (and don’t confuse them despite their countless parallels). The anniversary’s special section mentions the need for balancing tech […]

Hosting problems resolved

For the past few days this site has been offline because of some pretty unfortunate (and stupid) events. I was having problems with the blogroll feature on my WordPress install, so I decided to write my own hack, inspired by Phil Ringnalda‘s PHP blogroll. Stupid me, little did I know I was trying to […]

World Press Photo 2003

French photographer Jean-Marc Bouju of The Associated Press wins World Press Photo 2003, with his image of an Iraqi POW comforting his young son in a regroupment center in Najaf, Iraq. Unrelated: Dunstan Orchard has some new photos, Webmonkey signing off, brave words from Mozilla Firefox‘s Ben Gooder.

Win2K morons

Kuro5hin is running a very interesting story regarding the recently leaked Windows 2000 source code. It actually does not talk about the code, but the funny comments within. Quite surprising how much they use the word moron in their comments. Nice read to keep you up in the morning. 🙂

Cellphone jamming

Slashdot mentioned a story in the Houston Chronicle about people fed up with inappropriate cellphone users utilizing detectors and jammers to disrupt communication between phones and “cell–sites”. This appears to be a viable option in certain places like churches and movie houses, where strict silence must be observed. I’ve been thinking a lot about this […]

Mozilla Firefox 0.8

The browser formerly known as Mozilla Firebird—which I’ve mentioned several times before, has been rebranded again and is now known as Mozilla Firefox. The name change FAQ provides some answers for the identity change, while Ben Goodger, Steven Garrity, and Jon Hicks write on the rebranding process. Dunstan Orchard reports an issue with the famous […]

Redesign 2004

After a few weeks of inactivity, rebelpixel productions is now back with a new design. My own weblog software has been set aside for now, in favor of the actively-developed WordPress, an excellent weblog publishing tool based on the old b2/cafelog source. The decision to go with a readily-available system allowed me to focus on […]