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5 minutes with WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

The first time I heard from Matt about WordPress 2.7’s new interface in WordCamp Philippines, I was excited to see some new UI elements and concepts taking a more prominent role in the whole application. After all, blogs and web applications were supposed to be way ahead in adopting new approaches in designs and interfaces. […]

Cheat your way to a cleaner desktop

When I ran into AJ’s entry entitled “View My Desktop,” I found out there was a meme spreading amongst local bloggers that provided a glimpse into their workstation desktops — wallpaper, icons, widgets, and all. There were some who had neat, clutter–free desktops, while others had their wallpaper barely viewable with all the icons strewn […]


I’m writing this using Flock, though I’m down with the fever here at home. I’m not really sure about the benefits of using a specialized browser to handle my activities, since I’m basically a hack and slash kind of person who’d rather do things *not* based on specific tools. More thoughts on this in the […]

Firefox extensions

If you haven’t heard of Mozilla Firefox by now you really should visit civilization more often. As many of you know, Firefox is the browser of the future. Free of all the issues and vulnerabilities that is Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox has slowly eaten into the browser market, taking away a significant percentage of IE‘s […]

Thoughts on life and free software

Clemens Vasters presents his case on the idea that “free software” is a lie, and responds to an opposing opinion. Both posts can be very thought–provoking, as it presents life’s simple realities in relation to the development of “free software.” Matthew Mastracci‘s reply is equally intriguing, and he elaborates on it even more. A very […]

Win2K morons

Kuro5hin is running a very interesting story regarding the recently leaked Windows 2000 source code. It actually does not talk about the code, but the funny comments within. Quite surprising how much they use the word moron in their comments. Nice read to keep you up in the morning. 🙂

Mozilla Firefox 0.8

The browser formerly known as Mozilla Firebird—which I’ve mentioned several times before, has been rebranded again and is now known as Mozilla Firefox. The name change FAQ provides some answers for the identity change, while Ben Goodger, Steven Garrity, and Jon Hicks write on the rebranding process. Dunstan Orchard reports an issue with the famous […]