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Make your todo-lists better

With so many todo-lists systems championed by various productivity blogs and advocates, you’d never run out of workflows to try. But instead of forcing your brain to accept a new mindset each time you switch, why not simply improve what already works for you? Lifehacker shared 10 ways to improve your todo-list and at least […]

Cheat your way to a cleaner desktop

When I ran into AJ’s entry entitled “View My Desktop,” I found out there was a meme spreading amongst local bloggers that provided a glimpse into their workstation desktops — wallpaper, icons, widgets, and all. There were some who had neat, clutter–free desktops, while others had their wallpaper barely viewable with all the icons strewn […]

Faux Productivity

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had this habit of keeping a list of things I need to do. My little “To-Do List” comes in many incarnations; it used to be short notes written at the back of a gas station receipt, though now it has transformed into an electronic text file that I […]