Make your todo-lists better


With so many todo-lists systems championed by various productivity blogs and advocates, you’d never run out of workflows to try. But instead of forcing your brain to accept a new mindset each time you switch, why not simply improve what already works for you?

Lifehacker shared 10 ways to improve your todo-list and at least one or two would make your system work better for you:

  1. Formulate your to-do list with three things: must, should, and want
  2. Make a “Have-I-Done” list Instead of a to-do list
  3. Separate paper and digital to-do lists
  4. Follow the 1-3-5 Rule
  5. Destroy and rebuild your to-do list
  6. Turn your to-do list into a story
  7. Subtract one thing from your to-do list
  8. Plan rewards for extra motivation
  9. Try Warren Buffet’s two-list system
  10. Ditch your to-do list and schedule your tasks instead

I put emphasis on the things I’ve already been doing, but would love to learn more on the benefits of the other items when I get to try them.

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