Random Thoughts On A Random Night


This will likely be a long list on unrelated thoughts, so sit back. Enjoy the ride and the mess of a blog post.

  • One hack I’ve long wanted to implemented here on this site is a continuously–updated photo gallery. The existing /photos section still serves its purpose well, powered by iPAP, a simple photo gallery software I wrote a few years ago. But there lies the problem. Since I wrote it myself, I need to do things on my own to implement any new things I want. With everything going on around me, it’s getting hard to simply sit on it and code. So now I’m using WordPress’ improved media handling capabilities paired with custom post types to mimic the simple gallery I’ve had, and to make things easier for me in the future. This I call photosets, inspired by Flickr’s terminology, and here’s the first set: UP Sunflowers 2010.
  • You’re probably rarely here on this blog, so you might have not noticed another new theme. Yes, I agree with you: I think I design and change themes more often than I write content. This one I’m calling W3, because it’s running on WordPress 3 RC1. Just like the others before, it will always be a work in progress. It’s using a 960.gs grid that’s implemented through jQuery’s addClass(), along with Shadowbox for the lightbox. I’ve played with @font-face and Google’s Web Fonts, but that’s likely coming in a later iteration.
  • WordPress 3’s custom post types will blur the lines between its blog publishing roots and the capable CMS it’s turning out to be. I’m just learning the possibilities right now, but I know it will change the way we build websites.
  • This is supposed to be a list of unrelated things, but the first three are of the same line of thought. So I’ll just talk about the Philippines’ proclamation of a new president and vice–president. I felt a bit teary–eyed, both for joy and sadness. Happy to see a new leader that brings so much hope to many Filipinos, yet to a personally–biased degree, disappointed in the truth that we have now appointed a vice–president with so much skeletons in his closet. Still, I’m proud to be a Filipino.
  • The NYTimes ran a story on technology’s eternal distraction of our minds, and to put it simply, human beings are now consuming three times the information they went through everyday in the sixties. It’s getting harder to focus on any given task, and we’ve been conditioned to give importance to everything that’s going on around us that we’ve failed to identify what really matters. I’m not even sure if writing this story matters.
  • And because of this continuous absence of genuine focus, a lot of things are not getting done. I’ve got an email inbox that’s growing faster than I think I can read, and I’ve got a handful of to–do items waiting before I can even complete the ones that come before them.

Now please pardon this mess. I still have work to do.

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  1. I was in a similar rut this evening re: the dishes. I have this obsessive peeve that I can’t shake off: I can’t begin to sit down to write a paper without having done the dishes and/or ironed the clothes that have just dried off the wash.

    Negative chi surrounds all these undone household chores. How can one write amidst negative chi? 😀

    The sunflower pictures are gorgeous!

    • Sometimes, it’s basically our lazy alter–ego making up all sorts of excuses. 😛

      We loved those sunflowers that I think we should take photos of them every year. 😀

  2. Focus on what is essential :p But as you said, the worse problem is that we don’t know what truly matters. That is a result of not having a clear goal. Because if you have a clear, ultimate goal, everything you do will be dictated by how you will reach that goal. Tama ba?

    Bagay sana yung photos as profile pic nung summer, tag-ulan na e. :p joke!

    Love the photos ga. 🙂 Ang dami ko lang exposure masyado noh? :p

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