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iPAP progress

iPAP now has comments, thanks to Mathias’s wonderful work. A million thanks, my friend! This is one of the most sought–after feature, requested in almost every email inquiry I receive concerning the photo app. Development has slowed down significantly the past week with spare coding time becoming very uncommon. But I managed to squeeze in […]

iPAP 0.9 Beta2

iPAP 0.9 has reached Beta 2 and is now much faster. Caching now utilizes the SQL database instead of the file system, and we’re testing if this is the ideal setup. If you downloaded the first beta, you really need to use this since the former has one stupid bug that slows things down. Go […]

iPAP 0.9 Beta

A year after the 0.7 release, the major update to iPAP is finally here. A beta of the 0.9 code is now available to everyone, featuring two major changes: MySQL storage and labels. Features I deferred using MySQL, sticking to my textfile–based storage class until I discovered it was causing significant slowdowns in page generation. […]


Some of you might be wondering where the MySQL version of iPAP is — so have a look at Hannu’s photos. Coding has not stopped for the past few weeks, and the codebase is now completely migrated to MySQL. I’m refining the administration interface, and will be working on the new template. Mathias has some […]