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WordCamp: Developing WordPress Plugins

(Embedded slideshow below) [embeddoc url=”” viewer=”microsoft”] I did tell you I was slated to speak at WordCamp Philippines last week, right? I’m not so sure if I managed to expound on my topic acceptably, but hopefully I gave fellow WordPress users an idea on how to approach the task of coding your own WordPress plugin. […]

PHP rocks! (Java sucks?)

I’m not a fan of rant–type entries though I just feel like doing it now. I’ve been going through java training here in the office and there’s one thing I could say: PHP rocks! Java/JSP/Struts and everything that comes with it is nice, but coming from a PHP background I just feel like they’re trying […]


BukoPie is a new feed reader for WordPress I hacked from the SimplePie demo, allowing WP users to have their own XML feed reader right in the WordPress dash/admin pages. I added functionality for keeping a feed subscription list and tag–based categorization. I’m sure this isn’t the first feed reader for WP, but it fills […]

iPAP progress

iPAP now has comments, thanks to Mathias’s wonderful work. A million thanks, my friend! This is one of the most sought–after feature, requested in almost every email inquiry I receive concerning the photo app. Development has slowed down significantly the past week with spare coding time becoming very uncommon. But I managed to squeeze in […]