BukoPie is a new feed reader for WordPress I hacked from the SimplePie demo, allowing WP users to have their own XML feed reader right in the WordPress dash/admin pages. I added functionality for keeping a feed subscription list and tag–based categorization. I’m sure this isn’t the first feed reader for WP, but it fills my needs quite well. Try it.

Update: Installation is simple, just drop the bukopie folder in your plugins directory and activate the plugin.

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  1. Markku: Thanks for the tip as well as your plugin recommendations. It’s nice that you came up with BukoPie, but I was wondering if there were something equivalent for the front end (on the blog itself).

    I’ve been maintaining a community blog which grabs excerpts of my friends’ blogs and it all through FeedWordPress which is magpie-based. Hoping for someone to try their hand at a simplepie version 🙂

  2. Haha, well thanks to Abe (siya ung nag-migrate para sa’kin), have everything you’ve mentioned except for WP-Cron (which I feel i don’t need since di naman ako hardcore server manipulator).

    Na try mo na ba ung Lightbox plug-in? 🙂

  3. Kevin, the SimplePie site lists a WP plugin that can be used on the blog itself, though I haven’t given it a try. Using SimplePie as a replacement for magpie should be fairly straightforward, I think. 😉

    Rico, WP-Cron is useful because you can use it to produce a backup of your database everyday, emailed to you automatically. It comes handly when you need to restore your site from any catastrophic failure. Yes I’ve tried the Lightbox plugin but I don’t I need it. I have iPAP to showcase my photos. 🙂

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