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wp–recent–links is a WordPress plugin (hack!) for adding a links blog to your WordPress–powered site, similar to‘s remaindered links and as used on this site’s Recent Links section. Compared to WordPress’ included links manager, this plugin allows you to have a separate archives page for your links blog, including monthly archives. A set of […]


Some quickly generated thoughts on Six Aparts‘s recently announced TypeKey Authentication Services: You have to be locked–in to their authentication service for it be effective. If you support TypeKey and still keep your site open to traditional comment systems, you are susceptible to comment spam. Embracing TypeKey exclusively (allowing comments from TypeKey users only) drives […]

Wonders of blogging

Burningbird notes that several well–known webloggers have successfully found good jobs, notably Tim Bray and Mark Pilgrim. Can blogging really help you find a job? I should find out for myself. Yes, I need a job.

Beautiful black and white

Browsing through Jason Kottke‘s recent remaindered links, I came across Michael Kenna’s black and white photography, probably the best I’ve seen in a while. All the lines are just too good they’re crazy! Makes me want to go out and start firing away, but I have to sleep now. Maybe in the morning.

We are not stupid!

Earlier this afternoon at my current favorite news source, I read about ProCon‘s COMELEC petition to disqualify Gloria Macapagal–Arroyo for exceeding the maximum airtime for political TV ads. In just a few hours, what was supposed to be a test of the commission’s fairness and independence became another example of Filipino political gimmickry and magic—the […]

Site updates

I’ve been inactive for the past few days, working on the CMS for as well as tinkering with this site’s sections. The /photos section has been spruced up with a new backend, and you may now view the archives arranged by posts. There is a new /blogroll page, and the /about section now has […]

A historic day for Filipinos

Today marks the day the Supreme Court confirmed Fernando Poe Jr.‘s Filipino citizenship. Honestly, I’m too tired (and indifferent?) to deeply analyze, or even read most of the articles related to this news story. No amount of analysis would matter anyway, I guess this is the destiny of the Filipino people. After deposing one of […]

Permanent but incomplete

I was moving my recently read links to a sub–weblog and re–checking many of them when I encountered an unforgivable error over at ABS-CBNNEWS.COM—this story (about broadcaster Frankie Evangelista’s losing to cancer) points to the correct snippet of news, but the date on top of the story is the current date instead of the publish […]

Thoughts on life and free software

Clemens Vasters presents his case on the idea that “free software” is a lie, and responds to an opposing opinion. Both posts can be very thought–provoking, as it presents life’s simple realities in relation to the development of “free software.” Matthew Mastracci‘s reply is equally intriguing, and he elaborates on it even more. A very […]