This is the archive page for February 2006

Markup tuneup

There’s a markup tuneup ongoing here on, I’m “realigning.” I’m taking bits and pieces from my old works, and learning a thing or two from current designs and ideas. Finally, I’m using icons for comments and permalinks, currently from the excellent “Almost Spring” theme by Becca Wei. For sure, there will be more changes […]

State of Emergency

A day before the 20th anniversary of the Edsa Revolution, the Philippines appears headed for another democratic crisis. Unfortunately this time, the need for the declared “State of Emergency” is highly debatable, just as the need for mass rallies. Everyone is fighting for something, yet our actions can only lead us to harder times. Damned […]

Leyte Landslide

Why do we Filipinos choose to help only when it seems a bit too late? Like in the ultra stampede, why do we show concern only when lives are lost, mostly when our help can no longer turn back tragedy? Couldn’t we have made their lives better when they were still alive to benefit from […]

The Beatles

Look at what Anne got me for Valentine’s Day, a very nice framed Beatles poster. Patrick was more than ready to join in and pose. 😉 Thanks Anne, happy hearts day. I love you. 🙂 I hope you like this song.

Ultra Stampede

By now, you probably have gone through hours of ABS–CBN coverage of the unfortunate ULTRA stampede caused by thousands of Filipinos trying to join the anniversary of the gameshow “Wowowee,” also from the same station. The chance of winning was too enticing, with most of the crowd coming from the less privileged parts of Metro […]