Leyte Landslide

Baguio view.

Why do we Filipinos choose to help only when it seems a bit too late? Like in the ultra stampede, why do we show concern only when lives are lost, mostly when our help can no longer turn back tragedy? Couldn’t we have made their lives better when they were still alive to benefit from our charity? Why can’t we make a positive difference when it matters most?

2 Responses

  1. the leyte landslide has indeed been a very tragic event for the lives of Filipinos. Yet, the fact that we Filipinos only show concern when lives of our Kababayan are perished, is true. Since we do not know when these such disasters could happen, let us always be careful and look always at GOD…..

  2. You said it well, Kevin. In a spiritual way, I guess this is a wake–up call for everyone, suggesting that whatever happens, we should never lose faith.

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