This is the archive page for October 2007

Featured at Style Manila

Sasha had this *brilliant* idea of featuring me and the shirt I was wearing last Thursday over at Style Manila. Jayvee is also featured with his “I got game” shirt, and he even makes it to B5media’s Tops 2 Bottoms in an entry on catchphrase clothing. This is the second time I’m mentioned in a […]

Five on Friday: 5AM, on Friday

I’ve been meaning to resurrect my Five on Friday entries since I stopped publishing a few months ago. But as I struggle to keep up with my newfound busy sked, unexpected things happen. I realized, I couldn’t keep on waiting for the “right time” — there isn’t. At least for a lot of things. So […]

Stepped out…

My grandfather just died a few days ago. I’ll be flying to Cebu and will probably be back before next weekend. Until then, everything is on hold. It’s quite unlikely I’ll have decent connectivity. To those I have deliverables/commitments with, I’ll do my best to get things rolling and update you guys. Life goes on.

Serye Cafe Filipino

A few months ago, several bloggers attended the food blogging and photography class at the Serye branch inside the Quezon Memorial Circle. Since then, Serye has undergone a subtle re–branding to further emphasize its Filipino roots, to its advantage. Serye is truly Filipino, it being a product of the Reyes clan, surely more known for […]

Thank You Day Philippines

October 20 will be our first National Thank You Day, a special celebration designed to promote a gesture now often taken for granted, expressing gratitude by saying “thank you.” A recent Reader’s Digest article lists Manila as one of the ten fifteen least courteous cities in the world, a crying shame. Still, I have reason […]