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Seven years ago

The last time I got to talk to her was a Friday. She would pass away just four days later, on a Tuesday. That was seven years ago. That Friday, it was my turn to watch after her during the day. Watching after her though only meant getting to visit her at the ICU for […]

Ang langit sa piling mo

Nanood ako ng Game 2 ng UAAP Finals kahapon. Dahil ni-remind ako ni Mimi sa traffic at hirap ng parking pag games, maaga ko dinaanan si Dax. Bihira lang yun, lagi akong sakto or fashionably late. Maaga kami nakapasok at naka-upo, before pa lumabas ang players sa court. May konting kwentuhan habang parami na ang […]


They say the number 42 is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. So as I celebrate my 42nd birthday, I wonder if the next 364 days work their magic and fulfill their promise. Unfortunately, my obligatory research on how Douglas Adam chose the number has already burst my bubble: It […]

Goodbye, 2020!

We’re into the last hour of 2020 here in the Philippines, and just couldn’t resist a quick blog post to send it off and forever etch into memory how terrible the year was. The internet will forever remember it, certainly. Here’s to a hopeful new year for all of us.

Victory is the child of struggle…

Filipinos don’t realize that victory is the child of struggle, that joy blossoms from suffering, and redemption is a product of sacrifice. — Jose Rizal Today we Filipinos commemorate our Independence Day, a good time to remind us all to protect our freedom and fight for our rights. And if you have 15 minutes to […]

When life throws you lemons…

(Random incoherent thoughts) I haven’t blogged in a long time, despite this constant longing to share my thoughts on everything that has been happening in the past few years. I used to see this blog as my personal journal, a place where I can speak of things that might be of interest to my sons […]

On the first of October…

I remember looking at you through the nursery window, overjoyed yet afraid of the overwhelming task of raising another boy in this ever-crazy world. I wondered how I’d want you to be both similar and different to your Kuya Mikku—and you gladly turned out that way.

They grow up so fast…

I’ve basically neglected this blog for the past few years, but if you’ve been here a few times you would have noticed that the theme and functionality actually evolves, but not much for the content. So I’ll just share a thing or two and see what happens.