This is the archive page for September 2003

Paul Hammond on CSS

Interesting thoughts from Paul Hammond on CSS designers that take joy in recoding other people’s layouts, without asking for permission. Though I find his post thought-provoking, I don’t agree with the idea that CSS has not presented itself as something that most designers should learn. Just head to this site and you can see the […] Redesigns has been redesigned. In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s a nice free service that keeps track of your favorite weblogs, with optional notifications when your favorite bloggers write something new. But of course you already know about it.

They don’t want to hurt Linux

Darl McBride of the SCO Group talks about the SCO vs IBM court battle in this Wired News interview, saying they are trying to enforce their intellectual property without putting a hole in the head of the penguin. So why don’t you start identifying the offending Linux code so the community can start working on […]