This is the archive page for May 2004 Blogroll for WP-1.2

The default link manager in WordPress has always been feature–packed since the 1.0 release, though it could still use some hacking to do certain things. The blogroll import function has been something I’ve always wanted to work properly, but I couldn’t. Not that I tried or read the documentation that much, but I wanted it […]


Last Friday, my girlfriend Monch and I watched “Subtext”, a Palanca Award–winning play that deals with the Filipino’s favorite pastime—txting. Txting, or sending SMS messages for the uninitiated, is an integral part of the Filipino’s daily life. This medium of communication has witnessed real stories, messages of “I luv u”, “Hapi bday!”, even “Ur fired.” […]

HID headlights and

The Philippine Star’s motoring section yesterday printed an article titled “A Rare SUV-ic Drive,” the writer’s story on SUVs and SUV tuning & customization. Nothing special, but rather misleading: Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) Bulbs is the latest trend in headlamp technology. Employing a different way to produce light, it is also practical since it […]

MT and WP-1.2

Matt has just written on some developments regarding the upcoming WorPress 1.2 release, expected next week. In another post, he notes the recently released pricing scheme for Movable Type, barely a few hours after SixApart announced the availability of MT 3.0 Developer Edition. With these developments, the blogging scene will be very active in the […]

Smarter MT redirects

Just a quick note to MT users: please utilize google’s PageRank–stripping redirect page,as used in the new Blogger and described by Simon Willison. Do away with the redirection used in recent MT versions, it hides the URL from your users. I found this annoying while reading the comments on Scriv’s post on success and thinking […]

Lots of thoughts, couldn’t write

Yearning to write about a lot of things; the Pacquiao–Marquez draw, today’s national elections, why I think Eddie Villanueva deserves to win (but wouldn’t), my soon to be released photo album publisher, some very new photos. And some more. Some other day, maybe.