Last Friday, my girlfriend Monch and I watched “Subtext”, a Palanca Award–winning play that deals with the Filipino’s favorite pastime—txting. Txting, or sending SMS messages for the uninitiated, is an integral part of the Filipino’s daily life. This medium of communication has witnessed real stories, messages of “I luv u”, “Hapi bday!”, even “Ur fired.” Real life drama—and comedy, like the mis–sent message of affection, sent to your best buddies. (That wasn’t me!)

This is what Subtext is all about—A short, funny, and sweet take on the Filipino life, as it happens with the aid of a cellular phone. That and a bit more.

Watching this production of the Koine Theater Foundation has been a unique experience. You get an intimate look at the story in front of you, with only around 20 to 30 people in the audience. You feel very “involved,” something that is frequently lacking in most large productions. The play itself is not a technical wonder, just plain and simple; the narrative itself takes center stage. The director, Niel De Mesa, has done a very good job. Even his introduction and closing remarks were performances themselves.

If you have time this week, you should catch Subtext. It’s on its last week, and the next chance you’ll get is probably a year from now! The venue is at Kamuning, QC; just a bus ride away from almost anywhere in Metro Manila. I don’t have tickets to sell, but I can point you to the right people. For less than 200 pesos (it was 120, right?), you get a good night of laughter, and some tears. 😉

I think you need to make a reservation so you can be assured of getting a seat, with only a limited number available. I’m sure our friends Arvi and Dingdong (who sang very, very well—naiyak ako sa acting mo, ang galing!) can get some seats for you. Just post a comment with your email (and mobile number?) perhaps, and I’ll hook you up with them. I promise, you’ll enjoy the play. 🙂

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  1. Subtext was written by Niel de Mesa. More laughs come your way as Koine Theater Foundation brings together two of its hilarious hits this June! Watch Sampung Minuto Bago Makaraos and I Laugh You (Palanca winner, 2003) at the One Acts Theater, 2nd Flr Forab Bldg, 121 Kamuning Rd., Quezon City. Both plays will surely have the audeince reeling with laughter Fridays and Saturdays of June at 7:30 pm. Both plays are also by Niel de Mesa.

  2. If you’re looking for transcripts of Subtext and other Koine plays, I think you should try getting it from those involved with the production, because I’m not. Watch a play, and talk to them. 🙂

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