This is the archive page for June 2008

500 on Friday

This is my 500th entry on this blog, a milestone of sorts despite taking seven years to get there. As you have known by now, and I’m sure you know because you’ve been here before and I hardly get new readers these days, this weblog lives on the magic of non–existent updates. The patience to […]

A Practice in Creativity

Once in a while, we desperately need to practice our brain’s creative side just to make sure it works as expected when needed. Not many of us are actually blessed with a day job that pushes the limits of our creative bounds, which is probably why most of us turn to photography and/or writing for […]

Movie Review: Sex And The City

This may sound not too manly, but I used to enjoy watching the original Sex And The City on HBO. It was one of those you’d watch because everyone was talking about it anyway. The show’s run of six seasons was long enough that you’d still remember the little details four years after their final […]