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Movie Review: Sex And The City

This may sound not too manly, but I used to enjoy watching the original Sex And The City on HBO. It was one of those you’d watch because everyone was talking about it anyway. The show’s run of six seasons was long enough that you’d still remember the little details four years after their final […]

The Forbidden Kingdom

 I am a big Jackie Chan fan. Expectedly, it follows that I also love watching other Asian stars rising from the martial arts genre. So when I came across an online article about the movie “The Forbidden Kingdom” starring both Jackie Chan and Jet Li, I knew I just had to see it. Fortunately […]

Renaissance of Philippine Cinema

Auraeus left a comment on my post about his movie Pisay, I think is worth sharing with everyone: “Pisay is a beautiful film, simple and sophisticated, direct and campy, one that gets better and better as it goes along. From the evidence gathered, the praise is valid for Filipino cinema as a whole, which is […]

Batanes @ Boracay

Sponsored by Asian Spirit, we were Batanes–bound last Wednesday walking around inside the domestic airport as early as five in the morning. It was the perfect proposition — go to Batanes for a press screening of the movie “Batanes” by Adolf Alix. The weather wouldn’t join the fun though, visibility for our Basco–bound flight was […]

PISAY the Movie

Despite the fact that I almost haven’t watched a movie in a theater for more than six months now, Tulad Ng Dati being the lone exception, I have no excuse not to see this one: PISAY the Movie! A finalist in the 2007 Cinemalaya, this film is from Auraeus Solito, more known for his previous […]

Mini-Review: The Departed

A short list of reasons why you should watch the movie The Departed: A different Leonardo DiCaprio. I enjoyed Catch Me If You Can and The Beach, now here’s another one for his list. Jack Nicholson acting all strange and scary, sometimes funny. Doing what he always does best. Mark Wahlberg talking like a dirty […]

Mini-Review: Click

Would you believe I cried watching Adam Sandler’s Click? Yes I did. I wasn’t expecting this to be of any DVD–shelf value just like most Adam Sandler starrers, but this flick surprisingly has some. It’s not your typical watch and laugh affair, you may even feel it’s a bit lacking than expected in that department. […]

Mini-Review: Miami Vice

We barely made it to the late afternoon screening of Miami Vice last Thursday, getting inside the theatre just as the first scene was rolling. From that point until the end, I don’t recall myself yawning and I didn’t take a bathroom break at all. The movie was that good! Well, at least for me. […]

Mini-Review: Mission Impossible 3

This is a film you cannot afford to miss. Despite the fact that Tom Cruise is getting older and his leading ladies get even younger, the Mission Impossible franchise manages to release another good one, and this installment does it without much promotional fanfare, at least compared to the previous two. Or maybe I just […]