Mini-Review: Mission Impossible 3

Mission Impossible 3

This is a film you cannot afford to miss. Despite the fact that Tom Cruise is getting older and his leading ladies get even younger, the Mission Impossible franchise manages to release another good one, and this installment does it without much promotional fanfare, at least compared to the previous two. Or maybe I just didn’t notice, but nonetheless MI3 possibly is the best action films I’ve seen this year, and likely better than any from last year.

Now that I sound like a promotional review, I’d still tell you to drag your ass to the movie house before someone spoils the story for you. Almost every action scene is a panic attack; it’ll leave you breathless. You will be doing that several times throughout the best Mission Impossible movie so far. A must see.

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  1. Here in the States there was a good bit of advertising before its release. I would have seen it regardless—i’m a fan of the series as a whole. I ended up seeing it twice, but my impression wasn’t as favorable. Definitely an awesome summer blockbuster flick, but i prefer the first M:I movie.

  2. I can’t remember much about the first M:I movie, but I’m sure M:I2 was the one I least enjoyed. The story was just too complicated and the entire movie felt excessively extravagant, probably because of John Woo’s directing style.

  3. God, your lucky to forget the first movie, it was too cerebral for its release. It’s not for people who just want to be entertained, which is what the summer crowd looks for.

  4. Well, the Mission Impossible series wasn’t really made for intelligent storylines. In terms of action and high tech gizmos, I guess it fulfills its job. It’s good for its entertainment value.

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