Movie Review: Sex And The City

Sex And The City - The Movie.

This may sound not too manly, but I used to enjoy watching the original Sex And The City on HBO. It was one of those you’d watch because everyone was talking about it anyway. The show’s run of six seasons was long enough that you’d still remember the little details four years after their final season.

I wasn’t exactly super–excited about the movie continuation but my sister got me intrigued enough as she watched it the day it opened in local theaters. Hana was okay with it, so we watched it.

The film’s story would’ve been better told if they had another season for TV instead of adapting it for the big screen. With approximately just two hours for an engaging narrative, it was never gonna be as good as the original. Though the characters were still true to their small–screen persona, this time it’s mostly about Carrie Bradshaw and the ever–mysterious Mr. Big. And a bit of the others.

I’m doubtful the movie would appeal to all first–timers in the world of Sex And The City, but Hana enjoyed it nonetheless. I only wish the local distributor and film classification board did a better job at cutting away what they consider were too graphic scenes, or better yet, they should’ve left the film as the directors intended even if it meant the dreaded R–18 rating. Teenage girls aren’t the film’s target audience anyway.

Oh yes, some scenes may get you teary–eyed if you’ve been watching the four women’s lives intently for the past few seasons or so. 😉

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  1. It was good, though sa ibang scenes gusto ko na manermon ng cast (hehehe). 🙂

    Naunahan mo pa ko umiyak ga. :p

  2. Got a little teary-eyed in one scene, bleh! Nice thing about the movie though is that it doesn’t really require having watched the series to follow the movie’s line of thought – I myself have never watched an entire episode of SatC. It never really did catch my fancy.

    Nice movie, though.

  3. @Amanda: So you have a soft side? 😛

    I enjoyed the TV series much more, but the movie puts a nice continuation to the whole story.

    @adetoxy: Palabas na yan.

    @Diong: Hahaha, I didn’t know there are men who feel strongly against the movie. Most men simply don’t give a damn. Hehe.

    @Mic: Sige mang-asar pa, hehehe.

    @Rian: Saka na lang pag mayaman na kami… Hahaha!

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