Mini-Review: The Departed

The Departed

A short list of reasons why you should watch the movie The Departed:

  1. A different Leonardo DiCaprio. I enjoyed Catch Me If You Can and The Beach, now here’s another one for his list.
  2. Jack Nicholson acting all strange and scary, sometimes funny. Doing what he always does best.
  3. Mark Wahlberg talking like a dirty white boy. He’s one of the better music–to–movies crossovers, and still manages to make good movies. Play that funky music?
  4. Matt Damon + Martin Sheen + Alec Baldwin — this movie just doesn’t run out of stars. Matt Damon actually topbills with the first three guys, but I guess they do their part so well I have put him here along with the other big names.
  5. Martin Scorsese. I could explain this to you but I’m sure you already know why.

If you want an in–depth review, the fool has written a comprehensive analysis for you — exactly why I didn’t go any deeper with my breakdown of the film. Watch the film, I promise it’s worth every peso. 😉

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  1. super loved the departed. it was highly entertaining!!! well, ok, not in a “goodfellas-taxicab-raging bull scorsese” great..but good. it’s probably the best movie i’ve seen so far this year. i’m really hoping scorsese wins an oscar or i’m just going to forget about the oscars all together. i love love love scorsese, hands of my favorite film directors of all time. i even wrote my final paper in my film class in college(which incidentally, alec baldwin was one of our guest lectureres) about him and coppola and how they changed the gangster film genre.

    and don’t get me started on leo. OMG! LEO!!! AYLABYU! i mean, i never understood what the fuzz was all about him until now. and this is coming from a person who hasn’t even seen the titanic in its entirety(couldn’t stand it, stood up after only 30 minutes. ULK!). leo is just amazing! AMAZING!

  2. p.s.
    if you want to borrow scorsese dvds(all original!) like raging bull, taxi driver, mean streats, goodfellas, age of innocence, casino..just email me.

  3. Rico, bagay naman yung “the fool” ah… Parang Beatlesque ang dating. 😉

    Grace, yeah ganda nga talaga. Nakakatuwa si Leo, di ko ma-gets san nya nakukuha yung emotions, pero ang galing. Dun pa lang sa interview scene sa may simula bilib na ko agad. When I find the time I’ll go through all Scorsese movies I can get my hands on. 🙂

  4. the fool. haha.

    oo nga eh sayang, M3 pa naman. mas ok na yun kesa naman isang part ng katawan niya nawala hehe.

    badtrip, i always miss the good events. sana makita ko kayo ulit soon. may upcoming meeting ba? 😀

    btw, i’ll try to catch that movie. tignan ko if it’s worth every pero hehe

  5. watched it last night and both my wife and I loved it.

    i have to admit, after watching titanic, i vowed never to watch any dicaprio movies ever again, but i just have to give it to him, y’know… he’s actually pretty good.

    i cant wait to see his upcoming Diamond something movie.

  6. ok I liked the film but for the life of me couldnt understand the ending. here is my question: is Wahlburg a good cop turned angry as he found out about Damon’s betrayl? or was he on the inside of the crime organization and blowing away a patsy who was used to smoke out that Nicholson was an FBI informant? someone help

  7. rick, sayang talaga yung M3, really nice car. Hindi ba covered ng insurance yun? 😉 So how’s your brother doing?

    kim, I think Titanic tainted him negatively, as there was nothing spectacular about his performance on that film. But in the other films I mentioned above, I think he did well.

    Joe, the way I see it, he’s simply a good cop who knows about everything, and simply cleaned up the huge mess. But then again, he was no longer an officer during the last scene, so that makes him not any better? I don’t know now. Hahaha. 🙂

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