Mini-Review: Click

Image of Click movie poster.

Would you believe I cried watching Adam Sandler’s Click? Yes I did. I wasn’t expecting this to be of any DVD–shelf value just like most Adam Sandler starrers, but this flick surprisingly has some. It’s not your typical watch and laugh affair, you may even feel it’s a bit lacking than expected in that department. It supposedly makes up for it by promoting — guess what — family values. “Family comes first,” the main character proclaims in a moment of reflection. Now that was a spoiler.

With or without spoilers, catch this movie if you’ve been planning to see it. Anyone who intends to watch an Adam Sandler movie surely doesn’t have much expectations other than have an hour of laughter, which I’m sure you’re still gonna get. In addition, you’ll be enjoying a not so typical story, one that at least tries to teach a lesson, something not too common these days. Think The Truman Show but lighter on the drama.

Aside from the things I’ve said, you can’t miss Christopher Walken doing what he does best. It’s hard to describe, but he has a way of making his roles truly his own. And then there’s a Dolores O’Riordan cameo singing “Linger,” one of her band’s biggest hits. Lastly, the end credits scrolls with the New Radicals’s “You Get What You Give” playing in the background, a personal favorite back in college. With all that, this is a good enough Friday night movie. Just go easy on the junk food. Now look who’s talking. 😉

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  1. Since your post date was 11, I’ll assume you watched on the 11th.

    Everyone watched Click the same day I did… well at least near…

    Anyway, ako rin (muntikan na :p). Ang ganda ng plot structure, promise. Sobrang rare ng mga ganitong movies, and well it isn’t too shocking for me that Sandler would do something like this, since he’s a charity-type guy.

    Kala ko kasi nung una, medyo nakakalito/boring. Tapos nung sinabihan ako na manood, talagang natigilan ako.

    Ang galing nito, seryoso.

  2. markku, this is ur cuzin fritz. its been awhile since i visited ur site. the movie was good with a surprising un-adamSandler-like ending. when are u coming to cebu?

  3. Fritz, nice that you’re here again. 🙂 I’m not if I can go on vacation anytime soon, though I’d love to be there. Hopefully Christmas siguro. 😉


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