Mini-Review: Miami Vice

Miami Vice

We barely made it to the late afternoon screening of Miami Vice last Thursday, getting inside the theatre just as the first scene was rolling. From that point until the end, I don’t recall myself yawning and I didn’t take a bathroom break at all. The movie was that good! Well, at least for me. It was very entertaining, in a violent kind of way. I just love the “colorful” gunfights! The movie was not at all similar to the TV series from the eighties and Colin Farrell with long hair is just, well, fugly. Hehehe. Now that I’ve used that word on this weblog, I can now retire it. Seriously though, if you’re gonna see a movie this week, this is it. Nothing else worth catching on the big screen.

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  1. It bears a lot of similiarities with Michael Mann’s other film, Heat – the way the camera angles, the diffusion of sound, and the (snail-like) pacing. Even that climactic gunfight scene parallels the De Niro-Pacino confrontation scene in Heat. So does the whole Sonny-Gong Li character doomed romance and De Niro’s own romance in Heat. I’m glad you like the film, Markku, because most of the people I asked got bored and thought the pacing unbearable.

  2. hi markku, do you mind me asking how you did your search results page to just show excerpts of the posts and the search term highlighted? i was looking for a plugin, couldn’t find any. thanks!

  3. kahit ba fan ka ng miami vice, the 80s-yes-they’re-wearing-pastels-version, enjoy pa rin? jessica zafra wrote a very convincing “review” on her blog at gusto ko na rin panoorin.

  4. gail, it wasn’t done through a plugin but some direct PHP in the template itself. The highlighting of search keywords is done by checking the search query and highlighting the terms through CSS.

    golda, I wasn’t really a fan of the TV series, but the movie itself is a good watch. Medyo dragging daw yung story sabi ng iba, but I enjoyed it. And the fight scenes! Hehehe.

  5. thanks markku! unfortunately, i don’t know much about editing the php file to get what i need. fortunately i found a plugin! i don’t know if you got my email, but just to tell you your photos are great.

  6. Maybe I’m just at the opposite end of the spectrum, but this may have been the worst movie I’ve seen this year. Mainly because it was soo hyped up and I was really looking forward to seeing it, but when I actually did it was a complete let down.

  7. gail, I don’t think your email got through, but I’m glad you found a plugin that suits your needs. I’m glad you like my photos. Inspiring. 🙂

    Ash Haque, in our case here in Manila, there wasn’t much hype on the movie, or at least I wasn’t aware, so I wasn’t expecting much before I saw it.

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