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Yellow is my color of hope. What’s yours? (I know I should’ve posted this on the 25th but I was away for work. And who would rather blog while in Boracay?)

Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party, Year 3

We’ve done this twice before, and we’re doing it again. The Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party was conceived to be a simple celebration — ipadama natin ang Pasko sa mga batang malamang ay wala man lang madadaluhang “Christmas Party” ngayong taon. Kahit sandali lang. Batchmates, bloggers, random friends, even anonymous souls have pledged their support […]

Medical Mission for the Dumagats of Sierra Madre

It’s not everyday we get the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives. When our friends Mar and Mic pitched the idea of conducting a medical mission for the Dumagats of Sierra Madre, we were told it was going to be a lot different than similar activities. The Dumagat people basically thrived in […]

Give love on Christmas day

So here’s my customary Oblation photo for Christmas, my fifth in a row. Merry Christmas! I know you got gifts and fancy things aside from the extravagant ones you bought for yourself, but what have you done for others this Christmas season? Don’t forget to spread the love on Christmas day. 🙂

2007 Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party

Last year’s Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party was a success we did not expect, at least not as much as people noticed it. Those who’ve seen the YouTube video were somehow inspired to do something similar, while others left praises of encouragement that never cease to make us smile, to this day. When Hana and […]

A Smile of Hope

The Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party is a project of our high school batch, just like the medical missions and other things we’ve done the past year or so. We understand that the long–term merits of a simple party may be questionable, but to put a smile of hope in these kids’ faces is more […]

Sawa ka na ba?

You probably missed this milestone just like me, but come December 16, we will be there. You and me, in silence. As one. Come in blue, let’s watch the beautiful Manila Bay sunset, 4PM until the sun sleeps, Baywalk/Roxas Boulevard. Sunday Silence II. Sabi nga ni Gang: Silent majority, have your silence felt. Kita tayo […]