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A Smile of Hope

The Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party is a project of our high school batch, just like the medical missions and other things we’ve done the past year or so. We understand that the long–term merits of a simple party may be questionable, but to put a smile of hope in these kids’ faces is more […]

A blog in photos

My life has now been limited to photos, or at least my blog. For now. At least I’m blogging again. 😉 Hehe. More photos from Mimi’s birthday celebration at Route 196. More photos from our Rocked Radio/NU107 invasion. Too bad we never tried the Airheads idea.

Five on Friday: Photography quotes

Yeah, I know it’s now Monday. As you may already know, taking photos is one of my passions, one I’d do without any financial or material gains. Photography is a convenient artistic escape; at its purest, you need only please yourself. You need not conform to irrational “artistic rules” or subcultures imposed by society, your […]

Five on Friday: A gentleman should…

In today’s ever so changing times, men should still: Open the door for a lady. I guess this is one of the rather important acts of chivalry, and should never be taken for granted. When with a lady friend, or when entering a door alongside another person, especially a lady, open the door for both […]

In the fields

From the same set of photos from our high school batch’s medical mission: This weekend, April 21 & 22, Pisay ’96 will be at the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan for an Earth Day coastal cleanup. We are looking for volunteers who can lend a hand and somehow make a difference for the environment. Needless to […]

Pisay ’96 Medical Mission

Similar to the Streetkids Christmas Party we had last December, our high school batch had a medical mission at Lubao, Pampanga last February. I’m not gonna explain nor justify our efforts, instead I’m gonna plead for support and progressive ideas as we take bolder steps to making a difference. Of course I took photos (mirror […]

Another year…

I just found out I rarely write about my birthday on my birthday, and of the three references to this event on this weblog, only one was actually written on the exact date. And it didn’t make much sense, much like this one. On the eve of my 28th year of existence, we were just […]

how do i

how can i tell you the truth when you’re not even trying to listen how can i say what i want when you don’t even want to consider how can i tell you what’s true when you don’t want to hear what i’m saying how do i tell you it’s you when you’re not even […]