how do i

how can i tell you the truth
when you’re not even trying to listen
how can i say what i want
when you don’t even want to consider

how can i tell you what’s true
when you don’t want to hear what i’m saying
how do i tell you it’s you
when you’re not even there and you’re missing

ain’t nothing wrong with what i have to say
’cause i can’t help it if i feel this way

here i am, please give me a chance to say what i feel
there you are, don’t you want to find out what’s real
here we are, there’s nothing quite wrong with spending some time
what happens now, things will probably turn out fine

how can i listen to you
when i can’t understand what you’re saying
how can i give you what’s due
when you don’t even know what you’re asking

how can i tell you what’s wrong
when there’s nothing that’s wrong to correct yet
how do i say i like you
’cause it’s obvious i’ve always felt this way

… how do i say i love you
’cause i know i already feel this way

… what happens now, all these things should just work out fine.

how do i / jonas castelo / pop ratio / sessions.10.23.2005


Happy hearts day everyone.

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  1. @mimi: Secret. 😉 Wala lang, binabagayan ko lang ang okasyon. 🙂

    @Gail: Me, cheesy? Yeah right. 😉 Hahaha.

    @Euri: Bakit naman ouch? Smile naman dyan. 🙂

    @mic: Hehehe, rock dapat! May significant development na naman sa banda namin na hindi mo ikakatuwa. Kwento ko sayo pag nag-meet tayo.


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