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Long Days

I just had the two longest days of my life since I can remember and getting up from bed way past lunch still wasn’t enough rest, my back still hurts. A lot. So I got a haircut just before it got dark, so I could go to mass right after. Even if I still had […]

Happy New Year!

Shooting from your rooftop at exactly 12:00 AM of January 1, 2007 isn’t exactly a nice thing to do, with fireworks exploding just around you. And consider the fact that I’m really bad at shooting fireworks displays. Now, I’m presenting you one photo. Yep, just a single excuse for a fireworks photo. To make up […]

Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party

Two Sundays ago, our high school batch had a little Christmas party for street children. We invited small groups near Diliman and brought them to the UP Lagoon for their celebration. Though it rained briefly, it didn’t stop us from pushing through. We moved to the Quezon Hall and it was more than enough for […]

Look Up

Scouting any location for a photo opp, you usually walk around searching for an interesting scene or a captivating view. On some rare ocassions though, all you have to do is look up. Walking life with a tinge of uncertainty and doubt, we seek meaning and answers to questions we adamantly consider still unanswered. But […]