Long Days

I just had the two longest days of my life since I can remember and getting up from bed way past lunch still wasn’t enough rest, my back still hurts. A lot. So I got a haircut just before it got dark, so I could go to mass right after. Even if I still had a lot to do, I really needed the haircut. Besides, I wanted to consult my suking barbero because my sister wouldn’t stop telling me I’m now balding.

I dropped by the mall looking for an ATM machine, and by the time I was done the last light of day was gone. All there was were lamp posts and headlights, glaring beams reflected off the rear–view mirror. Almost late for mass, I briefly thought about not going, but then what?

And then I realized the world wouldn’t stop, not for me, not for anyone. All this while hearing the sermon. The one explaining how everyone has their own unique way of expressing love. Along with the story of the child in the manger and the Star of Bethlehem, I knew this will be the last week of the Christmas holidays, Three Kings being the final day.

But before the mass was over, the choir was singing a very familiar tune, one that takes me back to my years of simple joys and simple worries. A melody so sweet, you can’t mistake it for anything else. Bituing Natatangi.

So I sat in front of my laptop to do my evening routine, going through my email and other bookmarks. I was surprised to see an email from a friend, with a JPG image attached, the one I took a few weeks ago:

Ford GT at Greenhills.

Nakakatuwa yung picture. Share ko lang.

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  1. Bituing Natatangi—I love that song. ‘Twas our song for Paskorus in second year high. 🙂 I wish the choir at church would sing that song, but I only hear Payapang Daigdig (another fave).

  2. Yeah Jaypee, I was very surprised! And it technically wasn’t inside the car show, so it was probably privately-driven by some very rich guy…

  3. Yep, they couldn’t use the “GT40” name because of trademark/copyright issues so they had to name it simply as the GT.

    I took the pic in a Greenhills car show just after Christmas, but it wasn’t a show entry and probably was just driven privately by a very rich enthusiast.

  4. hello po…i was struck by the first few comments of this post…anyway…i know that song very well…and of course…it was for the paskorus…except that it was the assigned song….as in the song for the eliminations…i would really agree that the song is very wonderful…anyway…second year din kami noon nang kinanta namin iyan…by the way…i’m from batch ’07…ano po ang batch niyo…wala lang po…iyon lang po…GO PISAY!!! : )

  5. Hi jannel, thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I’m from batch ’96, so you’ve probably heard about us. Haha!

    I’m glad to hear this song is still in circulation in Pisay, it would be nice to watch a Paskorus finals again. 🙂

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